Pinterest Gets A Makeover

Right now it appears to be the trend for social media platforms to make changes & add new features, which makes the industry ten times more exciting than it already is!

Recently, Pinterest began rolling out a new user experience & design. As of right now, the new features & layout are only available to 48 million+ users.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Design Changes

Old Profile Layout:

New Profile Layout:

Images are much larger now, with more focus on the details of the image. The new width is 735 pixels wide, previously was 600 pixels wide.

Categories are now listed in a drop down menu and are located on the far left of the page, next to the Search box.

When your mouse rolls over a pin, a new fancy red “Pin It” button will now appear & the “Comment” button has been removed.

If you’d like to comment on a pin, you must open the pin and comment at the bottom.

Home page & category page comments have been removed as well.


When you enlarge a pin, instead of clicking on the picture to be directed to the pin’s website, there is now a handy “Website” button featured at the top of the pin.

In addition, you will now see a “Related Pins” sidebar showing you similiar content to the selected & enlarged pin.

With the new Settings page, it is now extremely easy to control and edit your email settings.

2. Removed Features


No More Hashtags!

Hashtags no longer have a purpose on Pinterest. You can still use a # symbol in your text, it just won’t link to various articles and pins.

Links Removed

You can no longer include links in you pin comments or descriptions. The only links allowed are your profile links to your website and social media profiles.

Sharing With Embed Links

If you would like to share a pin, you can not use the the pin’s direct link but only the pin’s embed link.

Adios Twitter

Previously, you could tweet your pin at the same time you pinned it. This option is no longer available.

New Profile Description

The text for your profile description used to be 200 characters max, now it has been limited to 160 characters.

Anti-Liking Boards

Bad news for marketers, you can no longer “like” Pinterest boards on Facebook. For brands, this used to be a great way to get new “likes” by connecting their Facebook account to Pinterest.

3. Web Analytics

Last but certainly not least…

Another exciting change is that Pinterest has launched a new Web Analytics platform for business accounts.

You can learn about the new tools and analytic features in a recently published Netplus blog article: “Pinterst Launches Web Analytics”


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