Facebook + Hashtags: Don’t Worry, The World Is Not Ending

According to recent reports & rumors, Facebook may begin to enter territory that has formerly been ruled by other social media big league players like Twitter & Pinterest.


Yes. This is not a joke.

Currently, hashtags serve no purpose or meaning on Facebook.  You can’t click the # symbol and have it link you to similiar articles and postings, like you can on other platforms like Twitter.

However, when used properly on other social media platforms such as Twitter, hashtags open and expand topics and conversations between thousands of people. Brands have even utilized hashtags on the proper platforms to create lasting connections with their consumers.

Perhaps Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram made Mark Zuckerberg fall in love with the functionality hashtags.

What’s most important with Facebook possibly adding hashstags is that it would change the way users use the platform and engage with brands. The door for opportunities would open and marketers would have the chance to communicate with potential consumers on Facebook in new & different ways. In addition, content & campaigns may see more engagement & impressions. Unfortunately, no one knows how the hashtag network would appear and function.

Previously, brands have only been alerted about mentions if the user commented on their Facebook page or tagged them in a post. With the implementation of hashtags, brands would have access to ten times more data of mentions and conversations relating to them.

Another added bonus is the amount of users on Facebook vs. Twitter. Twitter has approximately 400 million users, while Facebook has approximately 1 billion users. Creating a proper function of hashtags on Facebook would allow brands to potentially create connections and conversations with millions more users.

One major questions still remains…

When will Facebook implement hashtags?

Facebook has yet to officially confirm that they are creating a hashtag functionality.

When contacted by ABC News, a Facebook spokesperson commented, “We do not comment on rumor or speculation.”

So it may not be any time soon, if at all, we will see hashtags on Facebook.

However, this is a rumor that brands should keep an eye on.


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