Twitter Introduces Powerful Tools For Advertisers

This past Monday, Twitter introduced a new feature that many advertisers have been waiting for…interest targeting!

For those accustomed to social media advertising, Twitter’s new targeting features may appear very similiar to Facebook.

Twitter advertisers can now target interests & audiences in two ways:

1. Target users with the same interests as followers of @usernames

For example, if you were promoting a retail shop to young women, you could target users who have similiar shopping interests and follow brands like Forever 21 & Free People:

In addition to targeting specific brands, advertisers can also target over 350 broad interests ranging from auto racing to bird watching.

2. Specify the exact devices and platforms to have Promoted Tweets display

This new feature will become a vital tool for game & app developers. Now they can choose which type of platform they would like to display their Promoted Tweets. For example, if a brand has developed a game that is not built for mobile devices, their money will not be wasted promoting their game tweets to users on their smartphone or tablet. Lets not forget that they added gender targeting as well!

Advance Interface

Not only did Twitter introduce new ad targeting features, but they also revamped their advertising analytics dashboard, allowing advertisers & brands to run more complex campaigns & optimizations in real-time.

With the new dashboard, advertisers will be able report on all engagements with Promoted Tweets, including earned media. Additionally, advertisers will now have a clear understanding of how different target audience segments engage with their Promoted Tweet and Promoted Account campaigns such as by interest, location, device, & gender.

These new insights will allow brands & advertisers to better optimize campaigns and spend ad dollars more wisely. It will also help brands learn more about their target audience & most engaged consumers.

Here at Netplus, we are extremely excited about the new Twitter tools and cannot wait to use them!


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