New Instagram Features!

Have you updated your Instagram app on you smartphone yet? If not, it’s a must do now!

With the new update, you will be able to crop and scale images before filtering.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the article below by Lauren Indvik on Mashable.

Instagram Introduces New Filter, Crop, and Other Tools

Instagram released an update to its photo-sharing and filtering app Monday, delivering some highly requested features to iOS and Android users for the first time.

You’ll no longer need to open up Camera+ or Snapseed to crop and scale your photo; both can now be done in Instagram with a grid guide overlay. (If you need to adjust your photo’s alignment, you’ll still need to seek outside assistance, however.) The Facebook-owned company says that its tilt-shift feature has also been improved to provide “vastly more realistic rendering of depth of field.”

Beyond crop, scale and improved tilt-shift, Instagram has also added a new filter, dubbed Willow, “a monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border” that Instagram says is best suited for high-contrast photographs of portraits, still lifes and architecture.

Perhaps the biggest change — cosmetically, at least — is evident in the initial photo-taking (“camera”) section of the app. You no longer need to open a separate screen to select a photo to filter; your most recent photos will show up as selectable thumbnails along the bottom. The shutter and shutter release buttons have also been revamped to better align with the app’s overall design aesthetic.

In addition, you’ll notice that images appear slightly larger, and that the design of the News Feed and welcome screen have been tweaked slightly. Infinite scroll, which is already in play in the News Feed, has been integrated into user profiles. Filtered photos will no longer be added to your camera roll (if you’re using an iOS device), but to a separate album called “Instagram.” The app has also integrated more deeply with Foursquare: Location pages now feature a button that pulls up the Foursquare app (if installed) or mobile website with details about the venue.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, AleksandarNakic

Instagram Updates

New Camera

The new camera interface is larger and easier to view. The camera button is now larger and the user can choose to turn on a grid to better align a photo.

It’s also super easy to see your last photo right on the camera.

The filter view has also been updated post shot.


Scale and Crop

In the past, you could do basic scaling and cropping of Instagram photos but it was difficult to get a full frame of a photo situated properly.

Now Instagram makes it easy to scale in or out of an image to get the proper crop. In this image, the image on the left is the original (not taken in Instagram).

On the right, I’ve zoomed in on Janelle Monae and moved to the crop position.


New Filter View

In addition to a new filter — Willow — Instagram also has a new way of previewing filters and showing off an images effect.


Maps Updates

Tapping on the location of a photo brings up a location page with other photos from that location. Tap the Foursquare icon and it opens up the venue in Foursquare’s mobile app.


Streamlined News Feed

Images in the news feed are now larger.


Instagram iOS Album

In iOS 6, Instagram-processed images are now stored in their own photo album in the Photos app automagically.


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