22 Simple Social Media Tactics for December

If you are currently working in social media, you may have noticed a small drop in engagement with your profiles.

People are busy worrying about  the family coming to visit for the holidays, what type of present to buy, and how much food do they need to cook.

They aren’t concerned with updating a status or tweeting, which is why you have to offer the user something more interesting and unique to grab their attention and time during this busy holiday season.

I found this great list from Social Media Today, by Jim Belosic, of simple and easy tactics that your business could implement to increase engagement during this holiday season.

Check it out! Have any other ideas? Leave a comment!

It’s December, and the countdown to holiday events and the New Year has begun. With fewer than 30 days left until 2013, here are 22 easy-to-implement social media tactics to use this December. 

  1. Start a holiday-themed hashtag on Instagram and encourage your online audience to post pictures using it
  2. Create a fun holiday poll for your online fans and followers to take and share with friends
  3. Create an 8 Tracks or Spotify winter-themed music mix
  4. Update your Facebook cover photo to a festive or winter-themed image
  5. Create a Facebook Offer for the holidays. Here are 6 holiday-themed ideas for using Facebook offers 
  6. Share exclusive content with your fans like a free eBook, whitepaper or infographic
  7. Create a Youtube Holiday playlist
  8. Start a holiday-themed board on Pinterest
  9. Share holiday recipes that your staffers like
  10. Ask users to share their favorite holiday memories
  11. Tweet out holiday song lyrics
  12. Re-design your Facebook thumbnails to incorporate a winter or holiday theme
  13. Re-design your company’s logo and use it as a new Facebook profile photo. Click here to see how we update ShortStack’s logo for each holiday
  14. Start a countdown to Christmas or the new year
  15. Host a Facebook contest like this Ugly Sweater contest by Tool Select
  16. Run holiday-themed Facebook ads to get current fans and non-fans involved with your contest
  17. Create a holiday gift guide featuring your business’s products
  18. Write a blog post saying thanks to your customers, fans and followers for their support
  19. Keep your fans up-to-date on your company’s philanthropic efforts
  20. Create a Facebook album of pictures from your business’s holiday party
  21. Upload short vlogs (video blogs) to your Youtube channel of employees saying what they’re grateful for this holiday season, or what they’re looking forward to most in 2013
  22. Host a daily Facebook giveaway contest like this “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway” by Donsuemor


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