The Value of Your Company’s Facebook Page [INFOGRAPHIC!]

This article somewhat defends my small belief that Facebook is going take over and become the Internet one day. Today, more and more consumers turn to a company’s Facebook fan page instead of searching online and visiting their website.

Why is that?

Consumers can’t have a personal connection with a brand through their website. On a Facebook page, there is a direct communication link that is extremely valuable for long-term sales. When consumers have a direct contact or unique experience with a brand, it’s more likely they will become loyal costumers because of that experience.

Consumer’s want to know what a brand’s personalty is to see if they can relate and if that certain set of products are a right fit for them. Facebook provides an amazing area for this type of interaction.

Check out the article and infographic below by Samantha Murphy on Mashable to learn more about the value of a consumer’s “like” on your brand’s Facebook page.

50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook Page More Than Its Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re debating the power of social media for branding, here’s more proof that it matters: About 50% percent of consumers think a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than a brand’s website, a new study suggests.

Market research company Lab42 — which surveyed 1,000 social media users about how they interact with brands on Facebook — found that consumers are viewing a brand’s Facebook presence as more important than ever.

In fact, about 82% of respondents said Facebook page is a good place to interact with brands. But one of the top reasons to follow a brand on Facebook is to print coupons and discounts. The study revealed that 77% of those who “Like” a brand on Facebook have saved money as a result.

Consumers (73%) also noted that they have no issue with un-Liking a brand on the site if they post too often.

For a full look at how a brand’s Facebook presence is viewed and valued, check out the infographic from Lab42 below.

Homepage thumbnail via Burberry



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