How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

The worst social media nightmare is to have a profile and none of your followers or target audience is involved with it. Your statuses have no comments, no likes, and no retweets. Increasing engagement can become a tricky task. But don’t be scared! All it takes is a little extra time, attention, and research to combat this social media fear.

Below is an intriguing article by Hayley Pinkerfield on the Furlong PR Blog about three easy steps you can take to increase engagement across your social media platforms. I would just suggest to be cautious of tip #2 on tapping into Pintrest. Pintrest is not for every industry and every company. So make sure to analyze your target audience well enough to decide whether this would be a good decision or not.

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3 ways to drive more engagement on social media

We are often approached by brands and businesses wanting to know how to maximise their social media activity and presence on social channels. It’s a question we like to be asked, since far too often companies set up a presence across multiple social media channels, but then fail to use them to their full potential.
Whether you have an in-house social media team or outsource your social media marketing, there are a few simple steps that will ensure you drive maximum engagement and results.

1. Participate in social forums

There are plenty of forums out there where B2B marketers in particular can demonstrate their knowledge and even generate qualified leads and drive sales. LinkedIn Groups, Quora and HighTable are three important examples in terms of the quality of their members.
When answering questions in these communities, keep it professional, respectful and avoid aggressive sales tactics. This is an ideal opportunity to present yourself as a thought leader, so offer succinct, well thought-out opinions with supporting evidence and anecdotal perspectives wherever possible.

2. Tap into Pinterest

Perhaps you’ve overlooked Pinterest to date, thinking it might be a flash in the pan trend. However, the figures suggest that Pinterest is to be taken seriously: the site grew by 4377% since May 2011 according to ComScore. It seems that consumers are hungry for pictures, and on Pinterest B2C brands have ample opportunity to drive engagement around images.
The key to succeeding on Pinterest is creativity, so try running competitions, creating games, and luring people with those magic words: “free”, “giveaway” and “discount”. Tempting offers presented in an interesting way should get you plenty of pins, likes and repin, or engagement in other words.

3. Treat your fans/followers like VIPs

Love her, hate her, or don’t have a clue who she is, actress Alyssa Milano has definitely got something right – she makes everybody who follows her on Twitter feel like they are important to her by replying to each and every tweet.
While there may be different rulebooks for celebrities and brands on Twitter, all businesses should be inspired by Alyssa’s efforts to establish connections and interact with commenters frequently. Similarly on Facebook, LinkedIn and indeed all social channels, businesses should always reciprocate when people comment on an update. People want to feel important, so indulge them. Also, avoid generic invitations and go the extra mile to connect with potential fans, followers and customers in a meaningful way.


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