A Picture Says a Thousand Words on Facebook

Recently, Facebook made a new update to the visual content being posted on the newsfeeds and timelines. They made the images larger! This has great potential for businesses.

Facebook posts with visual images have a greater chance of being ranked higher in a newsfeed

Always keep this in mind when planning a post on Facebook!

Check out the article below by Christina Bruun for Mindjumpers to learn some Facebook picture savvy tips to make your photos practical and eye-catching:

Facebook is constantly updating their settings and lately they have started focusing more and more on visual content.

The latest update was in the beginning of June, where they among other things made wall photos larger in the News Feed. This of course means that you will have to higher the quality of your posts to avoid that users hide or unlike your page.

As we have written about previously, posts containing visual content have a greater potential of being ranked high in the News Feed. We therefore think it’s time to take a look at how you can optimize your wall photos to create more engagement on your page.

Send a clear message

Keep it simple. Facebook is overloaded with information and different types of content, so it’s important that your content is easily digestible. Make sure that the wall photo will improve the understanding of the status update.

Think outside the box

Users like to be entertained, so don’t be afraid to take your wall photos one step further. Brisk Iced Tea is a good example of this. They have a very youthful image on Facebook and plays around with quotes and photos of bottles in unusual and unexpected places.


Make sure your photos have the right dimensions

Your wall photos will be cropped on your page if you upload photos with other dimensions than what Facebook has specified. In order for the user get the most out of your wall photo, always use these dimensions:

– Regular wall photo: 403 px * 403 px.

– Highlighted post: 843 px * 403 px.

Lunametrics has made a sizing sheet where you can find all dimensions for Facebook images.

Visual means and effects

It’s a good idea to choose colors that differ from the Facebook-blue to draw more attention to the wall photo. When you use photos, always make them authentic. We react when we see pictures of people, but we distance ourselves from stock photos because they are associated with advertising and spam.

Know your target group

Fans engage with brand pages to express themselves. If you know what your users do in their spare time, you can use that information to make content that users can relate to and (if you do it well) share as a statement.

Give value to your audience

Value could be product releases, upcoming events or special offers, but personally, I believe it would be even more valuable to share wall photos where the brand is presented in informal settings. Share your funny stories or ideas and come up with new ways of seeing things. Facebook is the place where users can get under the skin of the brand. Many brands have seen the advantage of sharing behind-the-scenes images and photos of everyday-life situations.

Use user-generated content

With Facebook Timeline, wall posts actually become a part of the brand story. My advice is to let the users be part of your story. Encourage them to share their content on your page. If a customer takes a great photo of your product, publish it so other users can see it in action. If a user makes an interesting comment about your product, include it in a wall photo and share it with the world.


Strengthen your brand identity

Last, but not least, adding visual content actually strengthens your brand identity, and you can use the wall photos to convey your specific tone-of-voice.

If you constantly come up with new and fresh photos, you ensure that you persistently maintain the users’ interest. Try to outdo yourself each time you make a new wall post.


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