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Big Changes to Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines

Yesterday, Facebook threw a curve ball at the digital marketing community by making big changes to their Promotion Guidelines. It’s been over 2 years since Facebook last updated their Promotion Guidelines and their most recent changes will significantly impact the way businesses run promotions on the ever so popular social network. So lets cut to … Continue reading

Burritoful Social Media Prank

Chipotle does it again. They shocked the world with their creative social media wits and performed a digital prank having most fooled. In case you didn’t hear, Chipotle’s Twitter account was “hacked”. Over this past weekend, every social media enthusiast was tweeting and blogging about the big news. Chipotle’s “hacked” tweets were extremely odd and … Continue reading

Using Social Media To Land Your Dream Job

Recently I had the privilege to guest speak at Villanova’s Summer Business Institute Professional Success class. The topic of discussion was a personal favorite of mine… social media. But this wasn’t your typical class. The main focus was how students and recent graduates can take advantage of their social media platforms to help them earn … Continue reading